Susanna Hill’s 6th Annual Halloweensie Contest


The moment we have all been waiting for….THE HALLOWEENSIE CONTEST!!!!

The challenge is to write a 100 word Halloween story (title not included in the 100 words) using the words ghost, moon and spider.  More details can be found at

And now the moment of truth…will my Teensy-Weensy Witch get even this Halloween?

The wait is over…happy reading 🙂

Teensy-Weensy Witch Strikes Back! (99 words)

A pale moon trembled on Halloween night,

The teensy-weensy witch danced jiggles of delight.

Jumping on her broomstick, scooping up her cat,

Sammy spider poised on her pointy purple hat.

 “We need to fly faster” the giant spider cried.

“We need a rocket blaster” the teensy witch replied.

 “Quickly, send a sticky web spinning way up high,

Catch those ghosties unaware, flying through the sky!”

 “Nooooo” wailed the gooey ghosts wishing they had fled.

The witch and the spider gathered up the thread!

Tying a humungous bow, they hung them from the moon

“Next Halloween can’t come too soon!”

Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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