The Grizzly Who Couldn’t Bear Valentines

Julie Abery (211 words)

In the beautiful village of Valentines Bay,

People just lived for each Valentine’s Day.

But the grizzly postman, a grumpy old bear

Said “I never get one…it just isn’t fair!”

“In fact!” said the grizzly “I’ve had quiet enough!

I’m really fed up with this luvvy-dove stuff!”

He threw cards down driveways, he hid them in trees,

He even stuffed some in a hive full of bees!

Then things just got silly, he flicked them instead,

Like little card Frisbees up over his head!

The bear didn’t care, till he spied in the air

A card which was marked to Dear Grizzly Bear.

He scrambled to catch it and shouted with glee,

“I can’t quite believe it, but this one’s for me!?

Does somebody love me? Who can it be?”

He tore it straight open, he just had to see…


That’s when it hit him “I feel really bad!

Throwing those cards will make everyone sad!”

He scrabbled and grabbled,

He paddled and dabbled,

And finally found all the cards he’d unravelled.

He posted them quickly through everyone’s door,

Waving and smiling at people he saw.

Then he rushed to the park and the Valentine’s tea…

Wondering who his admirer could be­?