Ten Clever Ninjas by Sarah Floyd – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Today I am celebrating the launch of my friend and agency team mate’s debut picture book Ten Clever Ninjas. And as today is Friday, what better way to celebrate than by joining in the fun at Perfect Picture Book Friday over on Susanna Hill’s blog! Ki-ya!

I first got to know Sarah Floyd (bio at the end of the post) when I joined Storm Literary Agency in 2016. Her warm welcome and friendly chats sealed our destiny–we were to become great friends and critique buddies!

So, without further delay I am delighted to introduce you to…


Title: Ten Clever Ninjas

Written By: Sarah Floyd

Illustrated By: Marcin Bruchnalski

Clear Fork Publishing, April 23, 2019, fiction

Suitable for Ages: 2 – 6

Themes/Topics: friendships, outdoor play.


One clever ninja planning things to do.

His brother flips beside him. 

Now there are two. 

Brief Synopsis: (Taken from the author’s website) A very clever ninja and his nine ninja buddies spar across the countryside, build a secret hideout and follow their inner Zen to discover a sweet cupcake surprise. Ki-ya! The upbeat rhythm and fun, lively illustrations will appeal to children ages 2-6.

Why I like this book: Everyone knows that I love writing in rhyme, but I also love reading great rhyme! Ten Clever Ninjas has wonderful rhythm, fun activities and a diverse group of friends having fun. This one to ten counting book takes place outdoors, which I particularly like, as children love playing outside.

Links To Resources:

  • how about making a ninja shape craft. You can learn how to do it here.
  • As I am sure there must be a few plastic eggs laying around after easter, how about making a Wobble Egg Ninja. Here is how to make them.
  • Or if you have a space in the garden…how about taking a tip from the Eden Project and build your own den.

Author Bio:


Sarah Floyd was born in Carmel Highlands, California, where she and her friends explored, climbed trees, and built forts in the woods that surrounded their homes—much like the characters in Ten Clever Ninjas. When she was in first grade her family moved to San Francisco, and then to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She always brought her favorite books, wherever she moved, and she always found new friends who loved to read. Now she writes books for children and teens—for her, it’s the best job in the world!

Sarah is also the author of Butterfly Girl and is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She lives in Florida with her husband and teenage son, a green belt in Taekwondo. To learn more, please visit sarahfloydbooks.com.

Thanks for stopping by, and please make sure you visit all the other perfect picture books today at http://www.susannahill.com!


Daddy, Can You See the Moon? – Gayle C. Krause book tour

I am delighted to welcome debut author, Gayle Krause to the Little Red Shed today with her new picture book DADDY, CAN YOU SEE THE MOON?

daddy cover

I met Gayle in the Picture Book Buzz group, like me she loves rhyme, so I asked her a little bit about her writing journey and inspiration for the book.

Did you always know you wanted to write for children?

Though I always entertained children, from the younger kids in my neighborhood as a child, to being a Director of a Laboratory Pre-K in a teacher-training program as an adult, I didn’t set out with writing for children as a goal. It just became a natural segue when I left teaching.

Where did this this story idea come from?

As I mentioned above, I’m a former Early Childhood Educator. I taught Children’s Literature to prospective teachers as part of their training program for over thirty years and also directed a Laboratory Pre-K, affiliated with my teaching course. It was there, as I sat on the floor of the nursery school, reading countless picture books to the preschoolers, or acting out fairytales as creative dramatic presentations that I became uniquely attuned to the young child’s mind.

These precious little guys struggle to make sense of the world around them, especially the adult world of their parents. Emotional situations like divorce and deployment affect these children in a way that most adults cannot see. I incorporated these experiences in DADDY, CAN YOU SEE THE MOON?

What came first story or verse?

For me, when writing picture books, the story and rhyme are intertwined. I have the story in my head and it comes across the page in rhyme as I let it out.

What was the hardest part of creating the story?

The story came relatively easy. The hardest part was taking a serious subject such as family separation and developing it in a way that would not be too emotional for a child. I think adults grow more emotional over this story than the children because they know what the backstory implies.

What other projects are you working on?

Because I taught in secondary and post-secondary teacher prep programs, I’ve spent my entire first career working with young adults and preschoolers. Therefore I write at both ends of the spectrum. Rhyming picture books and YA historical fiction, urban fantasy, and contemporary.

I’m currently revising a YA historical fiction piece I wrote a few years ago about a female pirate. And I just sent two new rhyming picture book manuscripts to my agent for submission.

Thank you so much for sharing a little about how your touching and important book came to life. It was lovely to have you here in the Little Red Shed. Wishing you every success with this books and your future books!

If you wish to learn a little more about Gayle and her books, check out her website, http://www.gayleckrause.com.

Version 2


As a Master Educationalist Gayle C. Krause’s years as a creative role model for young adults and pre-school children have led to her career as a children’s author. She is a member of SCBWI, The JAGRS Writing Group, the 12 x 12 Picture Book Challenge, and a past member of the Historical Novel Society and The Poets’ Garage. She currently serves on the YA Advisory Council for Clear Fork Publishing, Stamford, Texas, and Angie Karcher’s National Rhyme Revolution Committee, choosing the best rhyming picture books from 2015-2018. She is the author of six children’s books and is currently working on book III of her new MG Fantasy/Adventure series. Book I is due out next year.


My Bologna Book Fair Diary 2019

On Tuesday afternoon when I arrived at the Fiere, I was greeted by the 2019 Bologna Ragazzi Award winners! Congratulations to all! The poster was so beautifully framed by the perfectly parked bicycles that I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Bologna 19 photos

This Bologna Book Fair was going to be a special one. I was accompanied by my Storm Literary authors/illustrators/team mates Vivian Kirkfield and Fiona Halliday, and a champion of picture books, writer and wonderful reviewer, Maria Marshall http://www.mariacmarshall.com. We were looking for book babies– our own and those of writer friends!

We bumped into writer and illustrator, Eleanor Ann Peterson http://www.eleanorannpeterson.com, who joined us for an afternoon to chat with her online buddy, Vivian, and tell us about her new book JURASSIC RAT, publishing with Clear Fork later this year. Watch this space!

As the Bologna Book Fair is teeming with illustrators, I had my Doodle Diary at hand just in case. Last year a few lovely illustrators obliged me with a doodle for my sketch book and this year, I am happy to say, they did again.

The first was the lovely Luciana Navarro Powell http://www.lucianaillustration.com. As well as posing for a selfie, she kindly signed a postcard for a friend, whose book she is illustrating, and she doodled in my diary. She is the illustrator of A Tiny Brown Monkey on the Big Blue Earth by Tory Christie, publishing in August 2019 with Amicus Ink http://www.amicuspublishing.us!

Next, we had the pleasure of meeting Tanja Stephani, http://www.lartquirit.ch, and Devon Holzwarth, http://www.devonholzwarth.com. Both of these lovely ladies have books coming out very soon. Watch this space!

While at dinner, my SCBWI Swiss chapter illustrator friend, Simona Ceccarelli, doodled too! Simona has a book launching very soon – IF YOU HAD YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY ON THE MOON, by Joyce Lapin, publishing with Sterling on April 23rd. Check out more of wonderful art on http://www.smceccarelli.com, and I can’t wait to review the book at the Little Red Story Shed very soon!

What is the best thing about the Bologna Book Fair? The books of course, but also the people and the beautiful city. I can’t wait to visit again next year!

Thanks for stopping by.