Waddle Santa Do This Christmas? – Susanna Hill’s 10th Annual Holiday Contest

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, and over at Susanna Hill’s blog she has her 10th Annual Holiday Contest again.

The Contest:  Write a children’s holiday story (children here defined as age 12 and under) about a Holiday Helper!

Your helper can be one helper, or a pair, or a group or a bevy or a herd of helpers. Your helpers can be children, animals, elves, aliens, unicorns, fairies . . . whatever your heart desires. He/she/they can help bake, decorate, shovel snow, wrap gifts, clean the house, entertain guests, feed the hungry, comfort the lonely, bring the holiday spirit to those who have lost it – sky’s the limit, but it is not to exceed 250 words.

So this year, I have been inspired by the Gentoo Penguins at London Zoo, who have been finding lockdown life a little lonely. Happily their lovely keepers found a solution. Here is a link if you fancy a peek https://www.insider.com/penguins-watch-elf-holiday-movies-london-aquarium-2020-12

Waddle Santa Do This Christmas?

(words 219)

The elves are tired out and in elf-isolation,

They’ve worked all year long with no chance of vacation.

Poor Santa is worried, but what can he do?

He opens a letter that’s come from the Zoo!

Dear Santa, We’re bored as the zoo is in lockdown.

Apart from the keepers the place is a ghost town!

The Penguins at London Zoo love Christmas cheer!

So, please can we help with your presents this year?

With very best wishes and warm fishy kisses,

Your best friends the Gentoo penguins

On reading the note Santa conjured a scheme,

To rest up his elves and bring on the new team.

My dear Gentoo Penguins, I think that sounds swell!

The elves will adore this, and I will as well!

I’ll send down my reindeer, who have herd immunity,

They’ll pick you up — what a great opportunity!

And everyone had such a wonderful day,

The penguins wrapped presents, and packed up the sleigh.

The elves made hot chocolate and played in the snow,

Then baked penguin shapes out of gingerbread dough.

The penguins all hope to go back there one day,

And the elves will come visit the zoo, so they say.

In the end for this Christmas it turned out alright,

Merry Christmas to all and make sure you sleep tight!

Please make sure you pop on over to Susanna’s blog to read all the wonderful entries.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays everyone!