Pierre & Paul Dragon! written by Caroline Adderson, illustrated by Alice Carter – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

If you teach in French and English, or have children that learn French as a foreign language then you absolutely need to take a look at this book.

Pierre & Paul Dragon! by Caroline Adderson (http://www.carolineaddersonkids.com/) and illustrated by Alice Carter (https://www.alicecarter.com/) is a story told in two languages, published in March 2021, hot off the Owl Kids spring list!

Title: Pierre & Paul Dragon!

Written by: Caroline Adderson

Illustrated by: Alice Carter

Published by: Owlkids

Suitable for ages: 5 – 8 years

Themes/Topics: imagination; treasure maps; humor; friendship; bilingual books


“Paul and Pierre are great explorers.

Ils sont aussi des amis.

Friends and explorers”

Book Synopsis: (taken from Amazon):

Pierre and Paul are back for another adventure! Pierre speaks French and Paul speaks English, but that doesn’t stop them from being friends and exploring together. Today is garbage day, so the duo sets out to find hidden treasures in the trash.
Treasure map in hand, they encounter poisonous swamps, dark forests, a dragon, and even a tsunami! (Or maybe just a garbage truck driving through a puddle). When the tsunami sweeps away their treasure map, they think all is lost―until they finally find a treasure lying out in plain sight.
Told half in French and half in English, this second book in the Pierre & Paul series uses simple phrases and clues in the illustrations to make the story accessible to readers in both languages. Full of imagination and playful illustrations, this vocabulary-learning tool is an engaging story of friendship.

Why I like this book:

Working in a French speaking setting, but being English speaking, I really like this simple story told in two languages!

It follows two boys who are off to hunt treasure. They create a map, which is a great idea for a (class) art project, and set off (whilst also putting out the garbage for Dad). Their adventure finally leads them to losing the map, but finding a different kind of treasure.

The art by Alice Carter is a fun mix of water color and pens!

Activities to link with the book…

If you like the look of this one, make sure you check out ‘Pierre & Paul Avalanche!’ too.

Thanks so much for popping by everyone and have a lovely Friday!

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