The Holiday Show – Susanna Hill’s 8th Annual Holiday Contest

Crackling crackers! It is time for Susanna Hill’s 8th Annual Holiday Contest…


The contest: Write a children’s holiday story (children here defined as age 12 and under) about A Holiday Hero! You’re hero’s act of heroism can be on a grand scale or a small one – from saving Christmas to leaving a fresh-baked load of Challah bread for a homeless person to something like Gift of the Magi where two people give up the most important to them to be sure someone they love has a good holiday. Your hero can be obvious or unlikely. Your story may be poetry or prose, silly or serious or sweet, religious or not, based on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate, but it is not to exceed 250 words. Your entry can be posted on your own blog or over on Susanna’s between this very second and Saturday December 8 at 11.59 PM EST.

So without further ado, here is my entry…

The Holiday Show

The children were ready, the show was tonight.

The curtains went up to great gasps of delight.

The bobble-hat reindeers pranced up and down,

when on danced the fairies in tutus and gowns.

The littlest fairy with bells on her wings,

wiggled and jiggled like she was on springs.

A curly-shoed elf with a big voice decreed

“The littlest fairy is busting to wee!”

A teacher rushed over and led her stage right.

Her mum, in first row, hoped that she’d be alright.

The flutter of fairies all froze in a ring…

The littlest fairy was up next to sing!

Crackling crackers!

What are we to do?

The littlest fairy has

gone to the loo!

The fluttering fairies bumped into each other.

An ice-skating polar bear fell on his brother!

Crackling crackers!

Can this get much worse?

The polar bear’s being

propped up by the nurse!

The fairies stopped dancing! The reindeer quit prancing!

The polar bears stared, and the teachers did too,

Then up popped the elf in his curly-toed shoes.

He marched to the flutter of fairies and said

“I know the words, so can I sing instead?”

The music began and Elf’s singing was bright.

The littlest fairy ran on from stage right.

The audience cheered at their Christmas duet,

Tonight, was an evening they’d never forget!

Crackling crackers!

Well, what do you know?

The curly-shoed elf

saved our Holiday show.


Thanks for popping by, and don’t forget to hop over to Susanna’s to read all the other wonderful entries.

Happy Holidays!!


15 thoughts on “The Holiday Show – Susanna Hill’s 8th Annual Holiday Contest

  1. What fun!! I love your sense of humor Julie. When I first read that the littlest fairy was busting to wee I was wondering if you meant to go to the bathroom – and you did! I too like the loo reference. And I also like your resolution. Good luck with the contest!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So cute! And funny. I love the refrain. I love the images of the fluttering fairies and everyone bumping into each other. Great job. Good luck in the contest!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha, Julie! You made me laugh! This is delightful! So believable because isn’t that just always the way with kids and excitement and big moments! And “the loo” was perfect – SO much better than the bathroom! 🙂 Thank goodness for the curly-shoed elf, the hero who saved the day because apparently he was the only one who could keep his head in the game 🙂 Thanks for joining in the contest fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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