When Your Elephant has the Sniffles – elephant collage and review (2)


Well, as you know, Susanna popped by the Little Red Story Shed for an afternoon tea and elephant ears. I am pleased to say we also managed to show her our elephant collage before she had to fly.


The kids had great fun making this poor sniffly thing by cutting and pasting lots of blue pieces onto the outline drawing.

Here is how they did it…

Neat huh… they had fun making this.

Here is our review:


Written by: Susanna Leonard Hill

Illustrated by: Daniel Wiseman

Publisher: Little Simon (Board Book Edition – 11 July 2017)

Ages: 2 – 4 years

When your Elephant has the Sniffles is a fun read-aloud for little people. The children laughed as the elephant was marched to bed by his little girl and they loved her attempts to keep him occupied and sneeze-free, most especially making shadow puppets on the wall.  Written in very few words, allowing the illustrations to shine, I loved the humorous text, the unseen narrator and the twist at the end. As we ate our elephant ear snack the kids were telling each other to drink their water as it is ‘important for fighting the sniffles’. We loved Daniel’s colourful, fun illustrations and thought the elephant and his little girl were wonderfully expressive! Big thumbs up all around!!

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6 thoughts on “When Your Elephant has the Sniffles – elephant collage and review (2)

  1. Another fun activity, Julie! You are so imaginative, and I hope lots of preschool teachers and parents will come over and get ideas from you for how to occupy their kids on these long summer days! Thanks so much for having me here today! Oh, and I especially loved that the kids told each other to drink lots of water 🙂

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