Alexandria LaFaye wants us to reminisce about our favourite candy…how can we refuse?


Author friend, Alexandria LaFaye, has set us a new writing challenge!

“Who is ready for some creativity calisthenics? Inspired by Kenvin Henkes genius book about the life of a marshmallow chick as a friend. Share a narrative poem or short story about a food who becomes a child’s friend. (100 words or less)”.

For more information visit her blog at 

I love these challenges and couldn’t resist putting together a little poem about growing up with my Grandad’s favourite sweets, as we call them in England. 

The humble jelly baby was first manufactured by Fryers of Lancashire who created them in 1864. They were supposed to be jelly bears, but the resulting sweets looked more like newborn infants and were subsequently given the ghoulish name, ‘Unclaimed Babies’. The invention was revived by Bassett’s of Sheffield, England who were responsible for mass producing jelly babies from 1918. These sweets are a British classic!

Happy reading everyone…



Jelly Babies.gif



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